My Fair Fiend


January 8, 2015 - We are officially calling 2015 The Year of the Fiend. What exactly does that mean, you ask? It means that if we don't go somewhere serious as a band this year it won't be because of our lack of effort. We've decided to set other priorities aside, pull out all the stops, and go balls to the wall (or whatever intense cliché you can think of). We'll be posting at least 3 videos per month on our youtube channel including monthly music videos. We'll be touring all over the US, and yes, we will be producing a NEW ALBUM.

Be a part of the movement by sharing our videos and music with your friends, following us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK, subscribing to our YOUTUBE channel, or just stopping by to say hello. Tag #YearOfTheFiend to get involved. As always, thank you for everything. We couldn't have an ounce of success without you. Here's to a great year!